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The Barocksolisten München turn in a dazzling sequence of performances which show off their respective solo instruments to great effect, with quite breathtakingly athletic playing in some of the faster movements and hauntingly elegiac moments in some of the central slow ones. It is the latter, of course, that provide opportunities for individual initiatives by way of improvisation, opportunities that are capitalised upon without exaggeration. (excerpt from Gramophon Award Issue 2014, Vivaldi)


"In this versatile programme the Barocksolisten München, directed by Dorothea Seel, play an enchanting Bach, that sounds brandnew and fresh as dew.  Even those who know this repertoire well will enjoy these interpretation, since the musicians chose the unconventional path, and they prove with their as intelligent as highly musical playing, that there is still so much to be said about Bach..." Pizzicato: Quer durch den Bachschen Garten, Alain Steffen, 13.6.2016

 "Perfekt aufeinander eingespielt: Den Barocksolisten München gelingt es, die verschiedenen Klangwelten Vivialdis herauszuarbeiten."Klemens Hippel, Concerti 2016

"...the highest level of expression is always required in addition to the sheer virtuosity, and the Baroque Soloists Munich approaches each challenge without hesitation or compromise. This is a beautifully performed CD featuring a program of rare and exquisite works from the pen of the “Red Priest.”

Presto Classical 2015

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