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Johann Zach’s Stabat Mater is one ambitious work and shows the composer’s mastery. His Missa solemnis is progressive and original, heading towards Romanticism. In addition to the new orchestral techniques, the great dramatic expressiveness and rhythmic treatment are striking. The Baroque Orchestra Munich under the founding conductor and flutist Dorothea Seel as well as the vocal ensemble Novocanto, deliver excellent performances. Truly exciting!

Supersonic pizzicato, Remy Frank.

OE1 Pasticciopreis 17.jpg

Johann Zach’s inventive and rhetoric music gets plenty of character in these excellent recording made by Barocksolisten München. The recorded sound is extremely well balanced, pleasingly full, yet perfectly transparent at the same time.

Supersonic pizzicato, Remy Frank

For Dorothea Seel and her ensemble it does not suffice to produce historically informed music, they also look for new aspects, thus showing that the last word in performing Bach’s music is far from being said. 

Supersonic pizzicato, Alain Steffen

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